Story of MCHC

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Story of McCone County Health Center 

By:  Patricia A. Wittkopp, PA-C 

Telling a "story" of a medical community and model of health care that one has devoted more than 35 years of life's work is rather overwhelming and to the reader daunting. Therefore the presentation will be as succinct as possible and yet it is hopeful you will hear passion and concern in pursing this hopeful “next step” in securing much needed and valued healthcare for our beloved community and surrounding rural areas for the years to come.  (Wittkopp, Paragraph 1, Story of McCone Health Center)

Story of McCone County Health Center 

By:  Beth Conroy, RN, Former Director of Nursing

Rural healthcare is a specialty of its own. The calm we feel most days is only a brief allusion as it is usually calmest before the storm. Nurses learn to multi task and prioritize in order to give exemplary care. We treat our neighbors, family members and friends with gentleness and respect. Everyone knows and genuinely has a stake in the care that is offered – “The Golden Rule” is very much a part of rural health and “Frontier Medicine”.  (Conroy, Paragraph 2,  Story of McCone Health Center)