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McCone County Health Center (MCHC) consists of a 25-bed Critical Access Hospital (CAH) and the McCone Clinic.  The CAH provides long-term care, acute/skilled care, emergency, lab, x-ray and physical therapy services.

MCHC offers competitive wages and benefits; including health insurance, vacation, sick leave, 401(k), flex plan and annual longevity bonus. Starting wage depends on experience.

Positions Available:

  • Certified Nursing Assistant (Full Time Position) CNA Job Description
    • The assistant is responsible for administering direct resident/patient care and performing any other duties deemed necessary to insure optimal patient care. Works under direction and supervision of a LPN or RN. Will work primarily with geriatric patients and any age group in the Critical Access Hospital (CAH) acute and emergency settings.
  • Dietary Aide (Part Time Position *Evenings*) Dietary Aide Job Description
    • Aide will be responsible for receiving dishes and tableware from tables, patient rooms and nurses' station. Perform duties as assigned in Dietary Department. Clean, wash, and rinse dishes, utensils, pots, pans, tables, and other kitchen work areas.
  • Housekeeping Aide (Part Time Position) House Keeping Job Description
    • Aide will be responsible for cleaning and servicing all areas of facility (MCHC and Clinic). Ability to perform tasks with due consideration for residents/ patients, visitors and other staff members in vicinity.  Will perform daily routine tasks on a repetitive basis along with servicing of assigned area under general supervisor.
  • RN/LPN (Full Time Position) RN LPN Job Description
    • A licensed professional nurse who is responsible for supervising and administering nursing care to meet resident care needs and to provide physicians with optimal service. Primarily will be working with geriatric residents or any age group in the CAH/ER setting.

Please email your completed Job Application to: [email protected]

You may also hand deliver a copy to the McCone County Health Center's business office: 605 Sullivan Avenue Circle, MT 59215.

Mail applications to: McCone County Health Center

                                      PO Box 48 / Circle, MT  59215

                                      You can call us at (406)485-3381